Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sidekick Tote, part 2

Although I really like my original sidekick tote it's too big for most of my outings and I don't like always having to wear it across my chest.  So here is my second attempt at this pattern.  Well, actually my second and third attempt because I made one the same for my mom.  

The main fabric might look familiar -- I was inspired to use essex linen after seeing this onethis one and of course this one.   For the pocket, I used some of the Stamped fabric that I won in a giveaway over at the Long Thread awhile ago.  I love it, it's so cheerful!  (Ellen has a new line coming out soon -- it's called Garden and it looks equally fabulous).  

My mom said she would never carry it messenger-style, so I just used a 21" strap for hers.  For mine, I figured out how to use the adjustable hardware (not difficult but I just couldn't wrap my head around it the first time around).  I used scraps of quilting batting to pad the straps instead of interfacing and I love the way it turned out, so much nicer to carry.  

I love having an outside pocket for my keys and this time I used a magnetic snap instead of velcro. I added a water bottle pocket inside again because it's worked really well in my other one.  I used duck cloth for the interior just for it's durability and this time made sure to match the top of the lining to the outside.  It's a great pattern and gives a really professional looking bag. 


  1. Lovely colours. I think I have an Essex linen sized hole in my fabric stash that needs filling!
    So glad to have you sewing along on the Little Things To Sew Challenge

    1. thank-you! I ordered 3 yards with no real plan :0 but somehow I don't think I'll have trouble using it up.

      I'm looking forward to the LTTS challenge. thanks for putting it out there!