Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Denim Kelly Skirt

My local fabric shop is renovating --actually they're demolishing then rebuilding -- so as of the end of June, and for an indefinite period of time, I will have to travel much farther to shop.  This store doesn't generally have a great selection of fabric but I do go their fairly often for zippers, thread, etc.  The thought of being without it makes me slightly anxious but, in the meantime, they do have some good deals.

I made this skirt from part of a $5.00 remnant.  It's a nice colour and weight and, once I put a denim needle on my machine, it was really easy to work with.  The only problem is that it's stiff.  Really stiff.  I knew that and I prewashed (as always) but it was still super stiff.  I debated about making vogue 1247 or a grainline moss but really wanted to try the Kelly skirt.

I made it during KCW last week and if my kids had been into it, I would have made a hopscotch skirt or two to coordinate -- the theme was mini-me after all! -- but, according to both my daughters, putting buttons down the front of a skirt makes it completely unappealing. So too bad for them, I sewed for myself when everyone else was sewing for their kids!

Considering I only had half hour blocks of time to work on this, it came together quickly and it's super comfortable.  I'm not sure it's actually "universally flattering" despite it's reviews.  Maybe it's this fabric.  Or maybe it's the extra 10lbs I gained since I hurt my back.  Or maybe it's the strange way the pleats sit (especially at the back).  I'm really hoping the pleats calm down after a few washes/wears because right now they're pretty darn unflattering.  The only changes I made were to extend the waistband 1" add 1/4" to each of the front and back pieces.

I think if I were to make it again, I would copy the way the placket is done on the hopscotch skirt (the placket goes all the way to top instead of stopping at the waistband).  I'm pretty sure I've got my buttons in the right place but waistband doesn't lay properly when I'm wearing it.

Pattern: Megan Nielsen Kelly Skirt $9.60
Fabric: ~$5.00
Buttons: Stash

Total: $14.60