Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cozy Winter Hood

I've lost track of how many times I've made this pattern (from Little Things to Sew).  It's gotta be at least a dozen by now -- bears, mice, monkeys, tigers and now a leopard (or is it a cheetah?).  J. picked the fleece and told me how she wanted the ears to look.  Judging from her reaction, I don't think I quite got them right but I'm not sure how to fix them to for her.  Oh well, if she doesn't wear it, I have a feeling her little sister would be happy to.

The lining is a soft, thick knit I picked up at Dressew in Vancouver last year -- $5/metre and 74" wide (mixing up my units of measurement, there, oops!).  It washed up so nicely, I wish I'd bought more.  Why isn't there anywhere it Ottawa that sells good knits??


  1. Very cute. Love that shlumpy teddy posture

    1. hehe, the bear was marginally more cooperative than the child!