Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Decklyn in Denim

Decklyn was the first pattern that caught my eye when I first came across Blaverry but somehow it never made it to the top of the sewing queue.  Until now that is; I was given the pattern to promote for the "Blaverry Blasters" group and sometimes deadline can be a wonderful thing :)

Am I ever glad I had the opportunity to sew this up; my daughter has told me several times (daily) just how much she loves it. In fact last night, she told me that when she outgrows it, she'd like another one just the same.  I was afraid a jacket like this would be frivolous -- depending on the season, my girls either wear a winter coat or go out in just a t-shirt -- but that hasn't been the case at all.  J's worn it everywhere she's been in the past week, under her winter coat and in place of a cardigan or sweater. Only much more fashionable :).

According to her measurements, J. (age 10) would be about a size 8.  She doesn't like things to be too fitted and I thought it wouldn't get worn until spring (silly me!), so I traced off a size 12.  We talked about fabric options and I showed her some different ideas but she had a her heart set on denim.  No contrast, just denim with a matching navy lining, some bright topstitching and two of the fancy buttons we'd just received from a friend in Korea.  Perfect, I had all of that already in my sewing cupboard.
What I didn't have in my stash were the zippers.  My local shop didn't have the right size matching metal zips so I made do with what they did have.  I think it would look so much better if they all matched but my daughter doesn't mind.

My shop also didn't have a 16" navy metal zip so I bought an 18" and then lengthened the jacket by an inch and a half to accommodate it.  It turns out I didn't need to do that since the designer recommends folding the excess zipper at the top to fit the length of the jacket.  My daughter likes the longer length in any event so it worked out for the best.

She was very patient as I tried to get some decent pictures in some not so good light
but this is her "enough already Mom, I have stuff to do!" face :)

Pattern: Decklyn by Blaverry, free in exchange for this promotion
Fabric: stretch denim, used approx. 1m, $8
Lining: stash
Zippers: Fabricland, $7
Buttons: Gift

Total: $15


  1. Beautiful construction and great look for your tween! When you get something a tween likes it can be so rewarding, right? :D

    1. absolutely!! thanks for the pattern :)

    2. This is great Mel. I kinda like the mismatched zips and thought it was by choice until I read it wasn't.
      Am I right that this is a lengthened size 12 on a kid who measured size 8? The fit looks perfect to me.

    3. thanks Shelley! The jacket is meant to be close-fitting and slightly cropped but that's not really J's style. I think it's a bit big in the shoulders but I had made her a size 8 when I made the Finn shirt and it immediately went into her little sisters closet so I decided bigger would be better. She's certainly found it comfortable so I'm glad I did!

  2. What a great look, I love what you have done with this.

    I agree with the extra length. So many patterns are quite cropped, I had length as a default now and my children are not big.
    I figure I can always shorten.

    She did a great job modelling.

    1. thank-you Nicole! I agree with you about adding length by default, it's so frustrating if something comes out short.

      I'll pass on your comment about her modelling, J. will be pleased :)