Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Butterick B5640

This month my hubby and I celebrated our 10th anniversary by going on a cruise.  Two weeks before we were due to leave, I got it into my head that it would be easier to make a dress for the semi-formal night than shop for one (ha!).  I had 3 yards of Alexander Henry Cotton Lawn Mocca bought from Pink Chalk Fabrics that I thought would be perfect.  I had been looking for the perfect pattern for it and finally stumbled upon: Butterick B5640.  I knew it wouldn't get here in time if I ordered it online but because it was brand new my local fabric store didn't have it in stock yet.  I phoned them every day for a week until they received it.  Yes, I'm sure they thought I was crazy!

The dress came together really quickly.  As I finished it, I was so pleased I was already planning other variations of it in my mind . . . until I tried it on . . . (I wish I had taken a picture before I altered but I was running out of time) . . .  it looked like an old lady's house dress -- the neckline was really high and the sleeves were way too stiff.  I didn't have time to rip out and redo the facings on the neck so I just turned them over 3/4 of an inch and topstiched in place.  I gathered the sleeves with a row of elastic thread and was much happier with them.  Because I was in such a hurry, I used the blind hem stitch on my machine and, although it's going to take some practice to get it perfect, I think I might be a convert!

I wore the dress on the cruise and was happy with it.  Before wearing it again, though, I may rip it apart -- I'd like to change the waistband to a solid blue to break up the print and also take it in a bit.  I like this pattern enough to try making it again -- after redrafting the bodice and sleeves.