Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I had high hopes for this pattern.  I'd seen so many lovely versions online and it looked like it would be great for a basic top that didn't use a ton of fabric.  When I'm standing still it's fine but I don't think I have the patience to tinker with it to make it work in real life :). 

The neck is too wide -- when I bend over, everything is on display.  The chest/back are tight enough that when I move I have to readjust.  And the bust darts are way too high and migrate even higher when I lift my arms. 

The main fabric is left over from my first tova and the bias tape I made myself.  I used the same tutorial for cap sleeves as I used for my short sleeved tova (which, by the way, I've worn several times.  I've decided against any changes other than to stitch up the front placket a little bit.  It definitely serves it's purpose of being a nice cool top for the summer -- and, of course, I mean cool in the temperature sense :)).


  1. I too could not get this deceptively simple pattern to work for me. I'm still mystified as to why not.

    1. yeah, I unpicked the pleat thinking that would help but now it's just baggy and all of the other problems are still there. oh well, at least it was a free pattern!