Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Teacher Gift

Last weekend J. and I went to a  community fair sponsored by the art centre.  There were lots of cool things for the kids to do including trying out silk screen printing.  The kids chose the print and the colour and the artist helped them make one print on paper and one print on fabric.  J. was enthralled by the whole process as well as the result so when we got home I helped her make it into a pillow.  She chose the fabrics from my scrap bin, I cut them and she and I sewed them up together.  She was very good at lining the pieces up and getting them ready for sewing.  She also liked pressing the pedal but was a bit nervous about guiding the fabric through.  I stood behind her and did that while she got some good practice in controlling her speed ;). 

We stitched up the four sides randomly but they turned out suprisingly balanced.  It's now stuffed and ready to go -- three weeks early, yay!!

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