Sunday, January 27, 2013

O + S Class Picnic Dress

It pays to involve them in decision-making -- Miss Thing chose the fabric and the pattern and specified the changes.  And she has not taken it off since I finished it two days ago.  The proportions are a bit off but K. is happy that there are more princesses than pink.  

The pattern is the Class Picnic Blouse, lengthened with a ruffle on the bottom and some green ric-rac at the yoke.  The fabric is Happy Ever After ordered from Hawthorne Threads.  

I didn't keep the receipt for the fabric and I can't remember the cost but here's the breakdown of what I used:
Fabric: 18 inches princesses in pink, 30 inches pink gingham -- approx. $15
Pattern: used before $0
Trim: the package costs $0.25 for 3 yards from Dressew so pretty much nothing
Total: about $15


  1. Hi! Where did you get the pattern for the dress?

    1. it's an Oliver and S pattern for a top, I just lengthened it:

      That's the link for the digital copy but they're having a sale on paper patterns right now, too.