Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lined Wiksten Tova

This is the sixth time I've made this pattern but the first time I've lined the body.  I wanted to but chickened out when I made my mom's.  I did line the inset that time and, while Nina's post was helpful, she didn't provide any in-process photos.  So I decided to take pictures this time.  Really crappy pictures.  My sewing room is in a basement with no natural light so not so great for photography.  I tried to fix them in photoshop but I'm not sure I improved them much.  And the fabric ended up looking black and white instead of grey and white.  Anyway, here goes!

No photos of this step but I'm sure you can figure it out: place the inset and the inset lining right sides together and stitch the right side of the placket to the wrong side of the inset (as per the instructions).  Follow the instructions for completing the placket while keeping the lining free.

Repeat for the other side and then baste the inset pieces together at the placket with the left placket covering the right.

Baste the front piece lining to the front piece along where the inset will go (as you can see from the picture below, I didn't do this.  It would have been a good idea.)

Pin the inset to the front piece as per the instructions while keeping the lining free.  Stitch the inset to the front piece.

Where the plackets overlap, clip the seam allowance.  This is so that the entire seam allowance can be covered by the lining in the next step.

Fold lining over 3/8" to the wrong side and press.  From the front, pin lining so that it covers the stitching line and topstitch.  (or slipstitch or baste in place and then topstitch).

There. The inset is almost as pretty from the inside as the outside!

To finish it off, I sewed the front and back shoulder seams together including the lining.  When I sewed the side seams, I kept the lining free and finished it separately.  I cut the lining an inch shorter then the shirt so that it wouldn't show.   The only seams that are currently unfinished are around the arms and I think I will just trim and zig zag them.

And for the first time, a picture of me, including my face!  As you can tell from my lovely expression, I don't like pictures of myself but am going to try harder this year, especially when it comes to being in pictures with my kids.  I actually got out the tripod the other day, which my kids seemed to enjoy.  (my husband was home a the time but didn't take the hint!)

By the way, the fabric is a lightweight cotton from fabricland (bought for $14.  I've already made an Alma and I still have enough left for another top.  Hmm, would anyone notice if I had three different tops in the same fabric in rotation at the same time?). I lined the body in a cotton voile from Dharma Trading.

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