Sunday, January 25, 2015

Chambray Hide and Seek Tunic

I've felt pretty lethargic the last couple of months so I haven't done much sewing.  But the days are getting longer and I'm starting to feel a bit better.  I also broke down and bought a SAD light -- this one -- that I've been using when I first get up in the morning so maybe that's helping?  Even if it's a placebo, it's worth it :)  I had a burst of energy yesterday and sewed something from start to finish.  I rarely do that even at the best of times but what a feeling of accomplishment!  It's the little things, right?

I bought the pattern -- the Hide and Seek Dress/Tunic -- during the last O+S pattern sale. I had given away a bunch of my handmades that the girls had outgrown. One the people I mailed a dress to sent me a gift card to on the day of the day of the sale so I didn't hesitate to spend it.   I think this might be my new favourite pattern :).  It came together so nicely and looks fantastic. 

The purple fabric is a really soft cotton chambray I bought at fabricland (I used it before for this costume and this dress but just had a little bit left).  The lace yoke is bit of drapery fabric that I basted to the top front panel before sewing up the tunic.  

I used the view B but then added a couple of extra inches in length so it ended up being slightly long for a tunic.  Dresses don't work with snowpants and, according to K., neither do jeans so tunics and leggings are perfect for the next couple of months :)

She's pleased with it and wanted to put it on right away.  As usual she's a moving target so this was the only in-focus picture I was able to get of her wearing it.  It is so cute and suits her so well :)

Pattern: O+S Hide and Seek, bought with a gift card
Fabric: Purple Chambray approx. $3, drapery fabric approx. $.50
Buttons: Stash
Total: $3.50