Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shot Cotton Tova

I feel a bit un-original posting this top -- a pdf option has made the pattern much more readily available so lovely versions of the Tova are popping up all over blogland.  Not that that's a bad thing.  I love this pattern -- it sews up quickly, fits well, is comfortable and looks great.  And, despite it's popularity online, I'm pretty sure I'm not in any danger of showing up somewhere in the same outfit as some one I know :).

Sorry for the crappy picture.  I tried to take one of me wearing it but that was even worse.  The fabric is Kaffe Fassett, Shot Cotton in Bordeaux and it's really lovely -- very lightweight and soft, and with a wonderful depth of colour.  I ordered it from Pam at Mad About Patchwork.  I'd highly recommend her shop for quick shipping and great costumer service.  And we obviously think alike -- she's currently making a Tova out of aqua shot cotton.

verykerryberry is hosting a sew-a-long of this pattern and has some great posts and tips.  I joined but apparently am not very good at "sewing along" and and finished early :).

By the way, the last time I made this, I had trouble with the collar fitting properly.  This time I staystitched the neck edge and it was fine.

edited to add:  I finally coerced my six year old into taking a picture for me.  I really like this colour and I like this top but a word to the wise if you're going to use shot cotton -- it frays.  Like crazy.  I really did mean to increase the seam allowance this time so I could do French seams but wasn't even thinking when I cut this out.  Guess I should write stuff like that on my pattern pieces, shouldn't I?   When I get time to sew I'm always anticipating being interrupted so don't always pay enough attention to what I'm doing . . .

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

MoMo + Linen Quilt finished

I started this quilt over a year ago and finally finished it (well, almost -- I still need to tidy up the stray thread and add a label).  It's amazing to me that I could work on it for so long and still love it.  I think it's the combination of the linen with the prints + the really simple design (adapted from Fresh Quilting by Malka Dubrawsky).  The prints are momo freebird and the sashing is linen.  I handstitched swirls in each of the squares and outlined some of the squares in red.

The back and binding are from It's a Hoot with a piece of ivory because I wanted to be able to see some of the swirls.

My kitty seems to like it, too.  Maybe my Dad wont get this after all!

Monday, March 5, 2012

O+S Tiger Hat

J. is performing a dance to the "Circle of Life" in a school assembly this week so asked me to make her a tiger hat like the lamb/mouse hat I made from Little Things to Sew

To be clear as I know I was confused about this at first, she doesn't plan on wearing the hat during the dance -- she wants it because she feels she should go to school that day in character (!!).  (and yes, I know the song is from the Lion King but she was adament that she was a tiger.  With stripes.  She drew me a picture.)

I have no idea what the orange fabric is (the label on the bolt said "100% mixed fibers".  What the heck does that mean??) but it's soft and the right colour.  Unfortunately it's also a fairly loose weave so might not be very durable.  I didn't trim any of the seams for fear that it would fall apart so the hat is not quite as smooth as it could be. 
I altered the O+S pattern by cutting the side panels into two pieces and attaching the ears in between so that they would be more on the side rather than the top.  Again, I added a tab and a button (of J.'s choosing -- it's huge!), and lined it with terry towel.
The stripes are black scraps fused on with Heat'n Bond, although I think I will have to stitch around them, too, so that they'll stay on.   
It looks pretty darn cute on her.  More cuddly tiger cub than the full grown tiger she described but I think she's okay with that.
and here she is growling at me, very scary :)