Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cascade Skirt

I wasn't drawn to Megan Nielsen's cascade skirt pattern until I saw Kelly's lovely version.  It looked so classy and effortless that I wanted one, too, lol!  Then I was in the neighourhood, so I popped into Fabrications and bought the pattern.  Shoulda done my homework first, though -- I'm larger than the largest size and that should have clued me in to the fact that this pattern wouldn't work for me.  But since I'd already bought the pattern, I just increased the waist and barreled ahead.

(As an aside, I would like to lose a few pounds but have never thought of myself as "big".  But there have been a few patterns where I'm larger than an XL.  Who would have thought that sewing for myself could give me a complex that I never had buying off the rack?!)

Despite the miles of hemming, this was a very quick sew.  My first thought when I tried it on was that I would give it to my sister as it would suit her more. But I think I'll keep it as I may wear it, even if only as a beach cover up.  I know it's not that bad but I didn't need to ask anyone if my bum looked big in it, hehehe.   It is really fun to wear and my girls were impressed -- they think I need more "pretty" in my wardrobe.

Here are the pictures that my 5 year old took.  (the ones that include the skirt anyway, she took lots of just my upper half until I realized what she was doing!).

Pattern: Casade Skirt by Megan Nielsen, bought at Fabrications $24.80
Fabric: floral voile from fabricland $15.26
Total: $40.06