Friday, May 24, 2013

Ladybug Roller Skate Dress

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway over at the Long Thread -- 6 yards from the Stamped line plus  the book 1-2-3 Sew (!!).  I haven't made anything from the book yet but this fabric is lovely -- it's a medium weight linen/cotton blend, and is super soft and easy to work with.

When I realized I could get a size 5 Oliver and S Roller Skate Dress out of one yard I was pretty excited.  I couldn't use a standard layout though so I made sure I cut one side of the back facing up and one facing down and I made sure both sides were lined up along the grainlines.  Unfortunately it didn't even cross my mind to line up the pattern on the back.  D'oh!  Definitely kicking myself for that one!  Especially since all it would have taken was an extra inch or so.

So instead of being donated to the silent auction at the school, once it gets a button and a hem, this will join my daughter's overflowing wardrobe.

And I will just have to make another for the school.  Good thing this pattern is so quick and easy!  I can see why so many versions have popped up in the flickr pool.

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