Wednesday, January 29, 2014

KCW: Croquet in Black and White

K. (age 5) insisted before Christmas that her favourite colour was no longer purple but black (!!) so when Form and Fabric had their free shipping promotion, I let her pick a couple of prints.  I think she has a good eye!  This is Stylized Flower and Damask from the Shades of Black line.

I made size 7 because this kid is growing like crazy and I want it to fit in the spring, too.  I'm going to try to save it for a trip we're taking but that might be tough because she knows I've been working on it and is always excited to get a new dress.

She's having a tough time choosing a button so the back is not finished yet.  (our collection is so huge now we *almost* have too many choices!)  And the skirt looks strange because the elastic is all bunched at the back but I didn't have the patience to fiddle with it today.

It might be the only project I get time to work in in Kids Clothing Week -- we have a case of lice in the house so I've been spending lots of extra time cleaning and washing hair, etc. Yuck.

Stylized Flower 1 yard (with just scraps left over, yay!)  $7.56
Damask 1/2 yard $3.78

elastic: $1
button: stash

Croquet Dress: $11.95

Total:  $24.29


  1. That print is so cute! She definitely has a good eye! I feel the same about black for girls as I do camouflage for boys, but I do have a onesie for my girl, black with puffed sleeves and sweet little white polka dots. I guess it's good to get outside the box sometimes!

    1. thanks! I don't mind darker colours for the girls. I was just skeptical that she would like it once I finished it but she does and so do I!

  2. Oh wow, this is stunning, she does have a good eye.
    I have no problem with children wearing black if the clothes are neat and tidy.

    Actually, I have a goth niece who dresses head to toe in black and she is the sweetest girl you could meet.

    Well done.
    xx N

    1. Thanks, Nicole! I like it, too. When she wears it I notice the lovely graphic flowers more than the colour. She looks very grown up in it.