Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hopscotch Month!

I seem to be on a hopscotch kick: my first three projects of the year have been made from this pattern -- last week the skirt, and this week a top and a dress.  But as a special bonus, this weeks' projects have already both been worn, yay!

I was originally going to make J. some leggings but when I gave her a choice of fabrics, she chose this one and asked me to make her a dress.  I had my doubts about her wearing a dress in this print but I try never to turn down requests if I can help it. So I traced my patterns and started laying things out.

I only had 1.1m but thought I could squeeze something for K. out, too.  Unfortunately (or fortunately if my hunch was right!) I grabbed the wrong piece and the first thing I cut out was a size 7 hopscotch dress back.  Since I knew I didn't have enough for two dresses, I called J. in and told her what I'd done.  She said she was okay with a shirt instead.  With some wrangling, I managed to cut a size 10 top and a size 7 dress out of my yardage and was just left with scraps.  It's so satisfying when that happens!

No modeled pics but here's J.'s top:

And K. is always a moving target or a goofball so here are some stellar ones of her.  This print is dizzying at high speed!

And following the wise advice of Lightening McStitch, I will take this opportunity to gloat about how little these cost me to make -- $4.24 for the pair of them!

Fabric: Heaven and Helsinki from Fabricland $4.24
Pattern: Hopscotch Skirt and Top used before $0 (cost per use: $4.03)


  1. Wow! Awesome fabric shopping (how did you score that so cheap?) masterful fabric scroogeing and touche on the gloat. You could pay yourself for the labour and still come out ahead!

    1. and the best part? -- they've been wearing them! At the same time so they match. Makes my husband roll his eyes but that's okay :).