Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vogue 1247 - Skirt

I'd read lots of great reviews about this skirt but now that mine's done I'm underwhelmed.  I think the linen that I used (this one) is a bit too heavy for the pockets -- they sort of droop.  I had planned to make them out of the voile I used for the binding until I looked at the pieces and realized that the front yoke and the back of pockets are the same piece.  I should have at least cut the front from voile to make it a bit lighter.

I'm also not sure it's the most flattering cut for me, although it might be alright with a different top.  The fit is good and the only changes I made were to to the length -- I added about 5 inches.  The original length is short.  I don't think I would've even worn it that short in my teens let alone my 30s!

The suggestions for finishing this skirt make it quite lovely inside, too bad no one will ever see it!

I obviously had a bit of trouble with my hem being visible even though I slipstitched it (and my stitches were quite small).   How else could I have done it?

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