Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Glow in the Dark Party outfit

We are having a glow in the dark party for J's 9th birthday so have been hunting for all sorts of things that actually glow and others that are "UV reactive".  Who knew blacklights were so much fun??  Well, probably lots of people but we've just discovered it and have been having a blast :)

We found this super bright neon twill on clearance a few weeks ago so I bought enough to make clutches for party favours and an outfit for each of my girls.  It's bright under normal light but under blacklight it's awesome.  Just to add to the awesomeness, I used glow in the dark thread for the topstitching.   It's not super noticiable in full dark but the blacklight really brings it out.

The tank is a modified Oliver and S pinwheel dress.  I moved the pattern piece over at angle, keeping the neckline the same but taking a pie shaped cut out of the width to make it less of an A-line shape.  I found the dress to be fairly short on my tall skinny girls when I made it the last time so I cut it full length (this is size 10) just smoothing out the bottom to be gently curved as I was leaving off the flounce.

The skirt is made from an old tutorial by From an Igloo (it was called the Tea Party Skirt) but the link seems to be broken.  I've made it before here and here.  J. loves it.  Give her a few tea party skirts, a couple of circle skirts and some t-shirts and she's happy.

The clutch is just three rectangles, a strap and a button.  I wanted it to be simple to mass produce and easy enough for J. to help out with.  She's been stitching up the sides and I'm going to get her to add the buttons, too. We'll use them as loot bags for the girls.

The other thing I made for the girls to take home is a sleep mask.  We were initially going to make headbands but the neon orange fabric we bought doesn't "glow" under blacklight.  It's bright alright but just doesn't have the right punch for the party.  So for $1.83, I splurged on 50cm of this super fuzzy minky-type stuff.  It's lovely and soft but I should've worn a face mask when making these; I was coughing up neon fluff for hours afterwards!  Again, just a self-drafted pattern -- two layers of minky, one layer cut from an old white t-shirt and a length of fold over elastic.  I used the FOE just because it is super soft and stretchy.

And here's everything under just blacklight.  Cool, hey?

The girls have been wearing their sleep masks to sleep at night since I finished them.  And K. even wore it one day after school.  She's a kid that needs her sleep.  She'd been up late the night before and had a tiff with J. so took herself off to her room.  When I went to find her, she'd fallen asleep :)


  1. This is all so awesome. I love that last photo.
    The blacklights are fun, aren't they?! Here's hoping none of the kids at the party have ringworm (most Microsporum species fluoresce under blacklight!)

    1. Ha! Let's hope not! Although glowing tummies would be kind of cool, too ;)

  2. Such a fun idea! I love the last photo. :)

    1. thanks! K. hates when I take pictures of her sleeping but she's so cute when she crashes