Monday, February 23, 2015

Black and White Hide and Seek

Missy chose this fabric herself more than a year ago when Form and Fabric (no longer in business, sigh) was having a free shipping sale.  Free shipping to Canada is pretty rare so we went a little crazy :).  I didn't think the her excitement over black and white would last but apparently I was wrong.  As I am so often when it comes to making things for my little people!!  She loved her black and white Croquet Dress and, when she was "helping" me tidy up my sewing cupboard last week, requested a Hide and Seek dress made out of these two fabrics.  I try to steer away from quilting cottons for clothes these days but I also try not to turn down a request.

K. specified the "lacy" fabric (as she called it) be used on the yoke and the sleeves.  She also requested a band on the bottom but I talked her out of it (mean mom!).

The buttons were sent to me by one of my mom's friends and although one is bigger than the others, K. thought they were the perfect choice.  I love having a huge button stash to go to when I'm finishing something!

You can't really tell from far away but I did include the welt pockets.  (I didn't give K. the choice of having the welts in the contrasting fabric. bad me!).

I think I'm going to pretend I haven't finished this yet and give it to K. on her birthday weekend.  She loves new clothes for special occasions and, although the party is only a couple of weeks away, it's surprising how quickly something becomes "old" to her.  I probably don't help matters by making her new thing all the time but I enjoy it so I'm not going to apologize :p

Pattern: Hide and Seek $0, used once before
Fabric: Moda, Shades of Black, ~$10
Buttons: Stash

Total: ~$10


  1. It's great! I love the kind of collaboration where you let them choose "whatever" they want but keep to yourself some of the options! Clever mum!

    1. thanks :) Although looking at the pictures, I kind of wish I did use the contrast for the welts. Oh well next time!