Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Linen and Eyelet Pinwheel Dress

It didn't quite get finished during KCW but close.  I got distracted last week making costumes for the play J is in this week.  I kind of expected there would be some last minute work to do and I'm just glad I got called in to help.  Would be slightly embarrassing to volunteer and not be given anything to do :) .

This dress is all stash fabric -- the eyelet I bought on clearance a couple of years ago planning to make a skirt for myself, which obviously didn't happen, the navy linen is left over from my souvenir blouse and the floral I bought last summer.  I loved the print but no one else in my family was too thrilled with it.  I made extra bias tape so I can sneak it in other places, too.

This is a size 7 with an extra inch in the body.  I'm glad I added it and wish I'd added two.  J. always does the bend over test when I make her a new dress and this one barely squeaked by.  (Apparently you're asking for teasing if you show off your undies at school.  But seriously, who bends over at the waist to pick up a pencil anyway??)

Judging from her reaction when I asked her to take the tunic off, I have a feeling the slip dress on it's own will get lots of wear.

edited to add some detail pictures.  Gosh, I love this combo!  And it just goes to show that I really don't need to do any more shopping until I work through my stash :).

Instead of a facing, I cut a slit and took the bias tape all the way around.  And, at J's request, instead of attaching ties, I made a buttonhole loop with one end.

eek, this is a bit blurry but (despite the unclipped threads!) I like how the inside turned out.  The eyelet had a wide selvedge that obviously matched and although I wasn't able to cut it on the bias, it was light enough to use to bind the seams.


  1. I love this and the 'bend over test' awesome,I think I need to do that with Liddy.
    Great fabric choices and good luck with the play.
    xx N

    1. thank-you! I can't believe how well everything went together considering it was all bought at different times.

      The costumes are done and the dress rehearsal tonight. Grandpa's flying in just for the show so it should be an exciting weekend!

  2. I love the bias trim detailing and the button closure. What a fun dress!!

    Jenny Hall
    Seamingly Smitten owner/designer