Saturday, November 24, 2012

O + S After School Shirt in Shot Cotton

I have confession to make -- I have a walk in fabric closet that I can't even walk into.  I am genuinely grateful to have the space but lately have been feeling weighed down by the excess I have in there.  Before our renovation, I would only buy for a specific project because I had nowhere to store any extra.  Now I don't even know what I have . . . And it doesn't fit on the floor to ceiling shelves.  It's shameful really.   Part of the problem is that I love to dream about what I'm going to make but overestimate the amount of time that I have to actually make things.  Then there's the whole "I'm paying for shipping so I may as well add ____" trap.

Anyway, last week I decided to make written a plan -- a list of projects and which fabric I'm going to use.  It was going quite well and things were starting to look better when I got distracted by this shot cotton (it's Kaffe Fassett in Aegean from Mad About Patchwork).  I used the bulk of it for a top for myself (Vogue 1247) but when I pulled out the leftovers, I decided to see if there was enough for a After School Shirt for J. . . . and that was the end of my organizing for the day :).

So here's the top. I was short a couple of inches for the back but otherwise was good:

I struggled with it though -- I misread the directions and lined up the notches on the yoke.  I didn't notice until after I'd put the piping in and went to attach the front panel that it was about three inches too small.  Then for some reason I had lots of trouble setting the sleeves -- I sewed gathering stitches on them but didn't need to gather them.  In fact it seemed like the front was bigger.  I ripped out a few sections a couple of times but I still see some puckers.   Oh, well. I give up.

I bought these sparkly square buttons when we were travelling this summer and I think they suit this top wonderfully.  Plus they're like little jewels, which makes my daughter happy.

I added piping in a voile from Girl Charlee.  I used the same fabric for a band on the back where I didn't quite have enough of the blue.  It's kind of loud on it's own and more like a quilting cotton than a voile but it's magic fabric -- it seems to go with everything so I don't mind the extra bit on the back.


  1. The top looks good in shot cotton. Too bad about the foul-ups; we all get a project like that every so often. But the outcome looks just fine!

    1. thanks! That pleat at the front is bugging me in the pictures but I'm sure when she wears it I wont even notice it :)