Tuesday, October 23, 2012

O + S Fairy Tale Dress

J. decided in August that she wanted to be Hedwig but K. flipped and flopped.  Every day she would tell me something different but there was one theme that was consistent -- pink!   So I decided to make a full length pink satin dress and then decide on accessories later.  After all when you're four, a pink dress would work for being a pig, a princess, Hello Kitty or a butterfly, right?

Hehehe, I know butterflies don't generally wear pink satin dresses but K. couldn't be more pleased with her ensemble. (Well, except that she's decided it may need a touch of purple.  Maybe the bow that I haven't made yet can be purple or the antenna).

This is a size 4 with 8 1/2 inches of extra length.  She's 3T according to her measurements so I thought it would be big enough to wear a fleece underneath.  Yeah, no.  As it is she might be able to wear a long sleeved shirt so here's hoping it's warm this Halloween!  Should have made a muslin, I guess!  I think it's actually better that it fits anyway -- we can improvise if it's cold and the dress will work well for the party she's going to the week before, the party at school, as well as the princess birthday party she's been invited to in November.

This dress came together fairly easily but it was a hefty a time commitment.   I think it took me longer than it did to cut and sew 5 yards of harem cloth feathers!   Must think of some other occasions that call for a full length pink satin dress :)

The only change I made (besides lengthening the skirt) was to lower the neckline by 1/2".   I lined it but didn't include the tulle skirt, which I kind of regret.  I did make a petticoat last year that she could wear if she wants more poof.  I love the style and the fit and I adore the sleeves.  I think this would be great in anything from cotton to silk.  And my girl is happy, which is all that matters!


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    1. thanks! she's hardly taken it off since I finished it so I guess I don't need to find other occasions for her to wear it :)