Friday, October 19, 2012

O + S Class Picnic Blouse

I wear my Lisette Souvenir blouse all the time and, as this pattern is so similar, I thought my daughter would like it, too.   I made a size 5 with lots of extra length for my tall skinny 7 year old.  I wish I had gone with a 6 though because when she went to put it on she got "stuck" and a couple of stitches ripped.  She panicked and, although she wore it for the evening quite happily, I'm not sure she will try again.    I didn't end up adding the elastic to the neckline as it fit her well enough without it.  Hopefully she will wear it again and, if she does, I'll get some pictures because it's really cute. 

The fabric is a super soft lightweight rayon blend that was on sale for $3/m.  When I spotted it, I immediately thought of a top for myself but it was the end of the bolt and there was only just over a metre left.  It was too cute to pass up though and I had more than enough to make this top.

Its getting cooler but I wanted her to be able to wear it now so I lined it with a lightweight cotton.  (and then proceeded to hem one side of the lining backwards, oops).  I sewed the lining to the sides of the shirt but I think if I were to do it again, I would sew the side seams of the lining and the shirt separately.  It probably would hang better.

Because I made it extra long, it actually is more like a tunic length.  I still wanted it to be comfortable so I added slits on the side.  

It's a great pattern and comes together fairly quickly. The only thing I will do differently next time is pay more attention to the neckline -- mine didn't line up perfectly but that's my definitely my fault, not the instructions.

When she saw the pattern cover, J. said absolutely no to the shorts.  Bummer! 


  1. My daughter also rejected the shorts outright - however, I made her a pair this week in plain denim, and she loves them!
    Love this blouse - it's such a fantastic top

    1. thanks! I should try making a pair -- they are so cute. I think it's hard for her to picture how they would look just from the cover art.

  2. What a great fabric - and at such an awesome price. Nice score! Love the shirt lengthened into a tunic - so many wearing possibilities! I think it's just adorable!

    1. thanks! I thought this pattern and the fabric were a great match so in some ways it was good there wasn't enough left for me to make something for myself -- it would likely have just gone into my stash, never to be seen again!