Sunday, April 8, 2012

Another O+S Family Reunion Dress

I don't really like making things the same twice but J. coveted Thing 2's birthday dress (which Thing 2 has only worn once, by the way) so I decided to make her one.  I let her pick out the buttons for the back without telling her what I was making, and, at $7, the buttons cost twice as much as the fabric but she loves them. 

It took me ages to cut out as I had just enough material if I jimmied things around and cut each piece out on it's own.  It's a size 4 (J. is 6, almost 7) with about 4 inches added (or was it 5?).  Anyway, she could have done with another inch but I made it as long as I could with the material that I had.  Thankfully it fits and she wore it all day.  Hopefully she wears it again but I can never predict.  I'm halfheartedly hoping that Thing 2 will decide she wants to match and wear hers but she didn't mention that today (although she did wear the circle skirt -- yay!).  Oh well, I have a little niece who *may* wear it -- she's 18 months and is showing signs of having a mind of her own as well so it's not a sure bet ;).


  1. I came here to tell you how much I love your shot cotton Tova and I really do, but I just can't pass this post - the dress looks lovely, especially with the blue stitching and J. looks great in it. I just love the photo with the hula hoop.

    1. thanks for your comment. I really love the family reunion dress pattern, it's got some fabulous details but it's not too fussy. And it's obviously comfortable enough to play in!