Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ironing Board Cover

My mom asked me to make her a new cover for her ironing board, which is homemade and an odd size.  It was given to her by a boyfriend when she was 17 (what a strange gift!  I don't know the story but I really should ask her about it).   She has a hard time finding covers that aren't too big so she gave me the dimensions and I whipped one up.  Because she lives so far away, I wasn't able to try it on myself so hopefully it does actually fit.   I debated the pros and cons of piecing it but in the end decided I liked the variety of fabrics and figured that the seams shouldn't affect the function too much. 

The large scale print in the middle is MoMo Freebird from Hawthornethreads.  The others are fat quarters from I won in a Cloud 9 giveaway.  It's pictured here on my ironing board, which is a standard size. 

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