Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Honey Blouse

I have a shirt I really like and tried to replicate myself in the summer before I realized that I don't really like drafting patterns :).  Then I saw the Honey Blouse pattern from Make It Perfect, which is not exactly the same but has the same feel.  Here's my version in Wrenly Wildfield Cobalt from Pink Chalk Fabrics:

I agree with pretty much all the points raised in this great review here (too bad I didn't read it before making my blouse!).  In particular, for the cost, I fully expected full size pattern pieces, not ones I had to piece together and trace.  Also, it really would have been nice to be given the rectangular pieces as pattern pieces rather than just as measurements so that I save on fabric. 

Mostly though I disliked the method of attaching the neck, arm and waist bands.  In the pattern the seam allowances are exposed and you are told to "machine neaten".  That's not necessary -- you can use the bands to enclose the seam allowance for a much nicer finish.  Next time!

I do really like the style and think I will wear this lots.  It does fit quite generously, though, so next time I make it I think I'll try a medium.

edited (June 2012): I've worn this a few times but have not really been pleased with the fit.  I haven't worn my second version at all (although that's partly due to the fabric).  Vogue 8581 works better for me.  I've made it in knit here and plan to try it in a woven, too.  

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