Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fabric Easter Baskets

This year I actually got around to making fabric easter baskets for the girls.  They're quite big -- over 9 inches tall and 25 inches around -- so that they can fit all the eggs our Easter bunny hides for us.  The fabric is Heather Ross' Far Far Away II, which I have also used for this plastic bag caddythis quilt, this skirt and this diaper clutch.  I've been trying not to hoard it but it's hard because it's so lovely!

I didn't use a pattern -- I just traced a child's plate for the bottom and cut a rectangle big enough to go around it for the sides.  I added quilt batting to the exterior before sewing it together and lined the baskets with quilting cotton.  The top band and handle on the one above is linen.  The handles on both baskets are interfaced with craft interfacing.  It's obviously not strong enough to keep the handles standing up so I actually should be calling them buckets rather than baskets :)

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