Monday, August 20, 2012

Roman Shades

Making curtains is definitely not my favourite thing to do -- they're so big and cumbersome and it's so hard to keep everything straight. Then there's the math required for the pleats, yikes.  Thankfully my husband is willing to hang them up because otherwise they would not get done.

The fabric is Premier Prints Suzani Twill in Harmony/Red from  I ordered two yards and cut off about an inch to square it up and then maybe another two inches when I went to hem it.  I love when I finish a project and am just left with scraps.   I was also able to use leftovers for the backing -- I made shades for our dining room last year and had just enough of the black out fabric left for this curtain if I pieced it together.  The seams show through a little bit in the front when the curtain is closed and the sun is shining directly on them.  I don't think anyone but me would notice :).  

The bookcases are billys from IKEA.  Hubby painted the backs of them and I love them.  We have a few more things to do in this room -- a friend is going to build in a desk under the window and, despite my husband's half-hearted objections, I'm going to get a piece of sheet metal for a magnetic board on one wall.  (he thinks it's going to go the way of the rain gutter bookshelves, which lasted about a year and left numerous holes in the walls).   I'm also planning a bit more sewing: fabric baskets to contain the little bits my seven year old loves to collect.

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