Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bubble Skirt

I have two girls and at all times must be fair to both and treat them equally :P.  At Christmas I made a three-tired skirt for my 3 year old and the eldest got jeans.   She needed them but she wondered when she was going to get a new skirt.  So for Valentines Day the youngest will get jeans while the 6 year old will get a skirt. 
The fabric is Crosshatch in Grey ordered from Hawthorne Threads. The name is misleading because it is definitely not grey!   More of a blue jean colour that looks good with the heart top I found on clearance at Gymboree before Christmas.
I looked for tutorials online but in the end just made it up myself.  It's basically a waistband piece with an outer skirt attached to an inner tube of knit to make it a bubble skirt (or pumpkin skirt as it was called when I wore one back in Grade 7!).  I think the shape is super cute and can't wait to see it on. 

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