Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Ghastlies Dress

For this dress, I redrafted ManiMina's reversible kimono pattern as it only goes up to size 4 and my eldest daughter wears size 6.  Again, I made the armholes bigger as she will likely wear this with something underneath.  I also dropped the neckline a bit as she doesn't like anything too high.  I thought it needed a pop of colour so added hot pink ties and even went so far as to topstitch the armholes in hot pink. Turns you have to be really good if you're going to topstitch a dramatic colour on beige though so I ended up picking it out :). 

The front is A Ghastlie Night and Ghastlie Bramble  and the back is Quilter's Linen in Grey, all from Hawthorne Threads

This one is not reversible either -- I couldn't find anything that wouldn't show through the light coloured Ghastlies so ended up lining it with a cream solid.  I'm guessing by her reaction that my daughter will wear this long past Halloween anyway!

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