Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pattern Review

I ordered my first pattern -- the Reversible Kimono Dress -- from ManiMina on Etsy this week. 

I had a couple of minor issues with this pattern: the first is that there are no measurements given for the sizes.  I'm making size 4 for my three-year-old because it's for her birthday and I would hate for it to be too small.  I'm just hoping it's not too big either.  Secondly, I'm glad it's not a complicated pattern because I'm not finding the pieces that easy to fit together (it's a PDF file that you print off and tape together).  Finally (and this if very minor) the sizes and pattern name are written outside of the pattern pieces; I am labelling it by hand because otherwise once the piece is cut out, I want to be able to remember what it is.

edited to add:

I finished the dress in time for the birthday and it turned out super cute. Unfortunately Miss Thing has never put it on.  I know better than to push her because then she'll never wear it but I really want to see her in it.  Judging by the past, six months from now she'll find it in her closet and it will be her new favourite (at least that's what I hope!).

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