Friday, February 18, 2011

patchwork skirt

I've been taking a photography course but it's not showing in my pictures!  I keep changing settings and forgetting what I've changed and I still need to work on composition. 

Anyway, here's a skirt I made for J. for "red day" at school.  Everything in her wardrobe is pink or purple but she's been wearing this lots -- hence the wrinkles -- it hasn't made it to the wash in a few days! 

I based this skirt on the Moda Bakeshop tutorial but added another row of squares to make it longer.  The fabrics are momo freebird left over from my latest quilt plus a couple of random bits thrown in -- Amy Butler happy dots and Walmart green polka dots, I think.

I also added side seam pockets in a super soft brushed cotton.  I thought J. would be thrilled about the pockets but she says she forgets they're there.  And often has the skirt on sideways so can't find them anyway :P.


  1. Love it! You have inspired me to try one of these.

    1. thank-you! It's still one of my daughter's favourites. Good luck with yours