Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Stamped Placemat (singular!)

When I was home in September, my mom showed me some placemats that she'd bought years ago at a craft sale and said she'd not been able to find anything similar since (hint, hint!).  They were made out of a cheater print so I immediately thought of the Stamped yardage I'd won in a giveaway at the Long Thread few months ago.

I cut them out early (like in October!) and thought hand quilting them would make a nice relaxing project while watching TV or waiting at the kids activities.  Ha!  There clearly hasn't been enough TV watching and when my kids have been busy, I've busy too -- grocery shopping, Christmas shopping, running errands.

My dad was here on the weekend so I madly finished one that he could take home for Christmas.  His comment was that I might get the others finished in time for next Christmas.  Haha, Dad!  I hope not but now that they are definitely not going to be done in time for this Christmas despite my best intentions that might prove to the be case.  I need deadlines!  But not unrealistic deadlines as I don't work well under pressure.


  1. Where are those little sewing elves when you need them? it's great, worth waiting for the others.

    1. thanks! She said she loves it and doesn't mind waiting for the others.