Tuesday, June 4, 2013

IKEA Birds Roller Skate Dress

When I finished the ladybug roller skate dress (that K. loves so much!), I asked J. to pick fabric for one for herself.  She was strangely hesitant, though, and I finally got out of her that she wasn't sure about the elastic empire waist. She needs a couple new outfits so I said I would make the dress and then we could figure out where to put the elastic so that she would be comfortable.  Turns out she was serious and wouldn't let me put it in at all!!  I gotta get a picture of her in it because I can't quite decide if it's more cute 60s swing dress or unflattering mu-mu (sp??).  Doesn't really matter, though, as long as she's happy.

This is such a quick sew!  I cut and sewed the entire thing in a couple of hours one evening (and I'm not quick at either cutting or sewing!).  I lengthened the dress by 3 inches and added a bartack to the bottom of the back opening but otherwise didn't make any changes.

The details:
Fabric: IKEA birds $3.39, cotton voile for the lining from fabricland $5.95
Pattern: Oliver and S Roller Skate $0 (cost per use $5.66)
Button: stash

Total: $9.34

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