Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ombre Class Picnic

I had less than a yard of this fabric left after making the seashore dress, and it was just enough to make a class picnic blouse.  I love the fabric but I'm kicking myself for how I cut this -- I wish I had cut the sleeves closer to the middle of the fabric so that the colours matched the yoke.  I don't think it's awful but it does make the raglan sleeves much more a feature than I was initially going for; the vibe is definitely more baseball shirt than classy blouse.  I had only scraps left over but I'm sure I could have found a way to show off the ombre better.  Oh well, J. likes it anyway!

It's a size 7 with an extra inch of length in the body.

Her sister loves to photobomb, much to J.'s dismay.

Fabric: Moda Simply Color Ombre Aquatic Blue from $9.18
Pattern: Class Picnic Blouse, used before $0
(cost per use $4.02)

Total: $9.18