Monday, February 25, 2013

Hope Valley Family Reunion Dress

Last year I made my youngest a denim family reunion dress for her fourth birthday.  Although it proved popular on pinterest, she wasn't keen on it.  "Too dark," she said, "Can you make me one in pink?"  So, only a year later, a pink version for my sweet almost five year old.

The fabric is Hope Valley Fiesta ordered from  I debated about added piping and contrast fabric but didn't have anything suitable in my stash.  (Since I've been keeping track of how much I spend, I'm really trying to use what I've got. It's like keeping a food diary when you're dieting!!).   I'm really happy with how it turned out -- I think the print is busy enough that any other fabrics would just be distracting.

I think she will love the ruffle and I know she will love the sleeves.  They are from the Fairy Tale Dress -- the size 4 fairy tale sleeves fit almost perfectly on this size 4 dress, just needed a little extra gathering.  Otherwise the only change I made was to add 4 inches of length to the bottom.

Now I have to decide if I'm going to give it to her as a birthday present (which I've done in the past but which hasn't always had the best results) or just hang it in her closet close to her birthday, lol!!

Fabric: 1 1/2 yards Hope Valley Fiesta from approx. $15
Buttons: stash
Pattern: used before (cost per use $6.03)

Total Cost: approx. $15

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