Monday, January 17, 2011

Still don't like it but it's finally finished!

A friend of mine offered to teach me to quilt pretty much exactly two years ago.  I was, of course, overly ambitious and instead of sticking with the baby quilt size, decided to make a twin size quilt. 
When I got the top pieced together, I hated the brown sashing but decided to soldier on.  I got two thirds of the way through handquilting but I just couldn't bring myself to finish.  I noticed more and cut off points with each block I quilted and didn't like the sashing any better. 

Every time I would start a new project, my husband would shake his head and ask when I was going to finish the quilt.  I kept putting him off but finally I said I wasn't ever going to finish.  His response "so what do you do with it now? cut it up?"  I scoffed at him but decided he was right -- I cut off the three (four?) rows I hadn't yet quilted and bound the rest (add "quilt from the centre" to the things I learned after the fact).  I still don't like it but it's done!

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